Adventure in the Virgin Islands

Tortola is the capitol and the largest of the British Virgin Islands. It's a pretty and mountainous island with friendly people, good food, and worthy beaches. Most importantly, it's the central hub of the BVI; It has the BVI's main airport, serves as central station for all the region's ferries, and is the charter and sailing hub.

Tortola's West End from the air

One thing that hit me on my last trip to Tortola is that it's the perfect base camp for an adventure. Exploring the islands of the caribbean has become a passion and Tortola is the perfect spot to setup in order to see more of the VIs in one trip.

Tortola isn't the most beautiful island in the world nor does it have the best beaches. But it is the best starting off point to the best beaches and most beautiful islands - all of which are scattered conveniently around Tortola. The last time I was on Tortola, Richard Branson's plane was parked at Beef Island's terminal. Why is it there in mid June? It could be anywhere, Mediterranean, etc. It's there because Sir Richard uses Tortola to go to disembark to one of his BVI islands.

From West End, ferries depart for St. John/St. Thomas and Jost Van Dyke. From Road Town and Beef Island, ferries run to Virgin Gorda, Anegada, Scrub Island, Marina Cay, Peter Island, Saba Rock, Gun Creek and Norman Island. Not to mention the number of private boats that can take you to any spot on your own schedule.

Meanwhile, Tortola is the center of this adventure. It has great vacation rentals, perched high above the hills with awesome views. And it has some great restaurants as well. If your adventure is visiting all of the BVI and USVIs, then you could either charter a boat or find a quiet a rental on Tortola. We think a hilltop rental with a pool on Tortola would be vastly superior to a cramped sailboat, but either way, an adventure in the Virgin Islands is pretty fantastic.